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Mission Statement

Foothill High School fosters a positive and rigorous learning environment which encourages students to value themselves and others while pursuing their maximum potential.  This requires deliberate effort, consistent hard work, and intentional growth and it is accelerated in the crucible of athletic competition.  Amidst challenges on and off the field, we seek to develop student athletes into strong, confident, and competent members of our community.  This program will require sacrifice and dedication with the end goal of helping the individual refine the foundations of their character. 


We place a premium on the character of the person over the talent of the athlete - this will be our priority.  The young men in our program will go on to be honorable men, fathers, leaders, and examples to future generations.  In this environment of adversity and struggle, the student athletes will develop invaluable skills and strength of mind and body.  Our commitment to excellence and our culture will be recognizable within our school and our community.

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